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Soccer Camp At North Augusta High School
Several weeks ago I sent a flyer home with players in regards to a soccer camp that will be held here, at NAHS, this summer. I am also posting it here because I know how things that get sent home sometimes never make it home! I encourage you to sign your player up, this is a very cost effective way for players to sharpen their skills!!! The deadline to sign up is May 20!!! If you never received the flyer from your player, please email me for details!!
GAME 4/12/16
THE JV GAME AGAINST LEXINGTON THIS EVENING (4/12/16) IS CANCELED. The Varsity team will play at 6:30pm, JV ball girls still need to present for the varsity game against Lexington
Dinner Sign Up
The below games currently are available for sign up!!
White Knoll Home 3/15
Irmo Home 3/22
South Aiken Away 2/24
Lexington Home 4/12
White Knoll Away 4/15
River Bluff Home 4/19
Irmo Away 4/22
South Aiken Home 4/26
PRACTICE 2/22/16
Game against Airport HS 4/30
PARENTS!!! The field we are playing on today has NO STANDS to sit in!! Please bring chairs!!!
Club Soccer Registration
As our season comes to a close, I would like to encourage all of my players to tryout for a club soccer team in the off season to develop their skills for next season, below is the link to registration for the GA/SC Bulls. Coach Sawicz passed out a flyer last week with several other teams and tryout dates.
Practice 4/15
Practice Wednesday April 15, for JV girls soccer is CANCELED, we will have practice tomorrow at the regular time
Color Run Registration
There will be a 5k Color Run to benefit BEM on May 2nd, the link to register is posted below, this would be a fun team event for all of us to participate in!
Practice 3/6/15
There will be no optional practice this Friday 3/6/15 due to a scheduling conflict!! Practice this weekend! Big game Tuesday vs. Barnwell!!!
Practice 3/3
Practice will be in the Cafeteria due to rain today 3/3
If you need anything please email Coach Bishop
Practice 2/19/15
Parents and Players
In case you do not hear the announcements today, due to very cold temperatures and lack of gym space, there will be no JV girls soccer practice today, Thursday 2/19. Please make sure to meet in Coach Bishop's room, 312, before practice on Friday. If you need uniforms you will get them at this time. We have pictures right after practice, we will be wearing black.......and remember always bring SNEAKS AND CLEATS!!
Good morning!! Just a few updates for parents and players!! The first big announcement is to ask all of you to go over the the Varsity soccer team page and look at their home schedule, when Varsity plays at home, our team will need to provide 2 ball girls for the game. Sometimes they play when we don't (as was the case last night) so you would have to stay after practice and arrange for your ride to come at the proper time. Please talk with Coach Sawicz about games that you will ball girl for, please do not make a commitment that you will not be able to keep!!!

Second, scoreboard for home games, Mr. Fox will be operating the scoreboard for the following home games:
March 13 and 24
April 24
That leaves the following home games needing a scoreboard operator:
March 3 and 20
April 17
Please let me know if any of the parents our there are available for these home games either after practice or by email. When the positions are filled I will post them on this page.

Next Thursday's game @ Lakeside-Dinner and halftime oranges and water have been covered.

I have Mrs Holliday and Mrs. Fox down for the March 17th game @ White Knoll for dinner and halftime.
I have Mrs. Wilson down for dinner for the game on March 20th

I cannot thank all of the parents and players enough for all of the support, I am looking forward to a great season with ALL of you!!!

Coach Bishop
Parents!! Please make sure that your player is packing appropriate clothes for practice for the next couple of days! The temperature is going to drop dramatically!! Layer, layer, layer!!!
Warm Ups Revised
Ok, warm ups are just short sleeved shirts and a sweatshirt (with no hood), both are 42.00, checks can be made out to Deanna Simmons and the money needs to be in by February 23rd (Monday). They are estimated to be in by March 4th, as long as money is turned in on time!!!
Practices are everyday 4pm-5:30pm, there are always exceptions though so please make sure to listen to announcements and keep tuned into the school fusion page. On half days we will have practice the regular practice time listed above. The game schedule is also on our school fusion page. Please note that one of the exceptions to our practice time is coming up this Friday with pictures. We will be taking pictures after practice 2/20, this Friday, so players will be released later than usual, I am thinking it will not take longer than 10 minutes.
This Friday the 20th, after practice we will be taking our team picture. Please make sure to have your black uniform and socks (I'm thinking white may drown us out a bit), it should only take a couple of minutes!!
Thank You!!
Team Dinners and Snacks
Hello supportive parents!! I was discussing with the team the other day that one of my favorite memories of high school sports were our dinners that we had together before games and our halftime "revup" of orange slices and waters. In this spirit I would like to put together a sign up list to provide dinners and halftime orange slices and waters for all of the games this year. If two or more parents would like to go in on one dinner or halftime snack that is absolutely fine! I have provided game dates below, please see me, Coach Bishop, after practice to sign up for a date and let me know which you will be providing!! Thank you so much for all of your help and continued support!!!
Thursday 2/26 away @ Lakeside
Tuesday 3/3 home vs Airport
Tuesday 3/10 away @ Barnwell
Friday 3/13 home vs Lexington
Tuesday 3/17 away @ White Knoll
Friday 3/20 home vs River Bluff
Tuesday 3/24 away @ Irmo
Friday 2/27 home vs. South Aiken
Tuesday 4/14 away @ Lexington
Friday 4/17 home vs White Knoll
Tuesday 4/21 away @ River Bluff
Friday 4/24 home vs Irmo
Tuesday 4/28 away @ South Aiken
Thursday 4/30 away @ Airport

Please, if you sign up to do dinner for an away game, the food will need to travel well, and will need to be at the school in the front office before the ending of the school day. If you sign up for halftime oranges and waters for an away game and will not be attending the away game, the same will apply (office before the end of the school day). For home games I request nothing too heavy, we would often have pasta salad and bread to rev up on carbs!! Again, I cannot thank all of you enough for your support and encouragement! If you have any questions or concerns please email me at Thank You!!!
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